4x4/SUV Tyres

The SUV is becoming much more of a popular choice when it comes to purchasing a vehicle and this is a trend that will continue to increase.

Choosing the correct 4x4/SUV Tyres to buy for your vehicle can be a bit of a minefield, with so many brands out there it's difficult to make the right decision. You need to make sure that the tyres are fit for purpose and most importantly safe to drive on.

At Jimson tyres ltd, Colchester, using our knowledge and expertise we can guide you into making the right decision and can offer a wide range of brands to suit your pocket.

Are the tyres fit for purpose?

When choosing the correct 4x4/SUV tyres Jimson tyres ltd you need to consider how you will use the vehicle.

Most medium SUVs are fitted new with tyres that are built for driving on roads, however if you plan on using your vehicle for off-road driving then you need to consider tyres that are built for the change in terrain including, rugged surfaces and mud.

4x4 tyres were built for off-roading more so than driving on a standard road surface however that has shifted over the years and usage on standard roads exceeds 75%. Driving on roads however, can cause your tyres to wear much quicker and therefore it is advised that if you are planning to drive on and off road, you change your tyres to match the terrain.

Regardless of vehicle type and usage, there are tread patterns available to suit even the most rugged of terrains.

Original Equipment

When you purchase your 4x4/SUV from new they will mostly be fitted with Original Equipment tyres from a manufacturer. The tyres are designed to enhance the capabilities of your vehicle specifically including superior braking and handling. As such prices can be a little higher for an OE tyre due to them being manufactured for a specific vehicle.

At Jimson tyres ltd in Colchester, we have a large stock of 4x4/SUV tyres from many popular brands. Not sure which tyres to choose, ask one of our experts for some help and advice.

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